NorthWest Grape Foundation Service

Ensuring the Success of the Pacific Northwest Grape Industry

The NorthWest Grape Foundation Service is a starting point for growers to receive planting stock that is state-certified as to being tested free of required viruses.

Washington State ranks second only to California in the production of Vitis vinifera L. grapes, for the production of premium table wines in the United States. From early plantings at Fort Vancouver in 1825 to an industry with over 50,000 acres, Washington State is making a name for itself. Currently, the economic impact to the state's economy is ~ $2.9 billion dollars and growing. There are over 500 wineries (September 2008), and still more are being planned. Current acreage of wine grapes is over 30,000 acres and Washington State currently crushes approximately 16.5 million gallons/year.

Washington State also has a large Concord grape juice industry, made from the grape Vitis labruscana Bailey. Most of the production is destined for jams, jellies, and of course, grape juice. The acreage of Concords in Washington State is stable at ~25,000 acres. Washington State is the #1 producer of Concord grapes, followed by New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Southwest Michigan.

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